Brenderup flakvagnar

About the Brenderup brand

Since its beginning in 1936 Brenderup has been on the way forward and along the way our trailers have become even more equipped. The product range has simultaneously grown and we’ve produced products for all types of transport. Today we are Scandinavia´s leading manufacturer of trailers - so it’s no coincidence that we place reliability, function and modern design, as well as the best possible safety at the top of the agenda. Our wide range of accessories makes our trailers extra flexible.

In 2014 the Brenderup Group’s path took a new turn, with the creation of a new and independent company, where Brenderup is one of our premium brands. A new company fully focused on trailers, where we combine knowledge and experience with a driving force in order to create products that provide added value for our customers. Our product range makes it possible to cover a wide range of different needs and by our knowledge we're able to guide you to a trailer that fits your current needs, whilst still offering sufficient flexibility to meet future needs. You’ll be able to rely on our product for many years and for many different purposes. 

Our experience, coupled with our large network of dealers and customers allows us the opportunity to develop modern products, with our combination of design and function making the transport of your goods easy - products you use with pride!



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Brenderup Flakvagnar


Brenderup was founded in 1936 in a small workshop with three employees on the island Funen in the town of Brenderup in Denmark.

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