Unbraked boat trailers

  1. Design protected easy removable light ramp
  2. Multi adjustable winch and rollers
  3. Premium rollers as standard

Brenderups unbraked boat trailers are built in the same way as our braked boat trailers. No matter what type of boat to be transported, safety is always the most important thing. Our trailers give a stable drive thanks to the V-shaped drawbar, the adjustable axles ensuring optimum ball pressure, and the multi-adjustable winch post supporting the bow in the optimum position. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.

Model Gross weight (kg) Load (kg) Max boat lenght (m) Max boat lenght (ft) Brakes Compare product Quantity  
Gross weight (kg) 600
Load (kg) 475
Max boat lenght (m) 4,5
Max boat lenght (ft) 15
Brakes No
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Modell Totalvikt (kg) Inv. mått (cm) Lastvikt (kg) Tjänstevikt (kg) Bromsar Axlar Tipp Rek. pris (kr)
f144u 500 144x35x95 400 100 Ja 1 Ja 7050 Läs mer
f45u 500 144x35x95 390 110 Ja 1 Ja 7759 Läs mer